‘Justice shouldn’t create more victims’: Former prisoners preach patience for SB 91

SB 91 helped them all get back on their feet sooner than they otherwise would have, they said. Mike Van Linden, a reentry case manager for JAMHI Health and Wellness, was able to get a temporary driver’s license after his felony DUI as part of SB 91, he said in his talk. Being able to get that, he said, helped him get a job and function better than he otherwise would have.

Alaska’s system for evaluating mentally ill defendants hits the breaking point

Alaska’s system for dealing with seriously mentally ill criminal defendants has been pushed to its breaking point by an increasing number of defendants entering the system combined with a severely limited capacity to treat them at the state’s only psychiatric hospital — which was in such disarray that state officials in February turned it over to a controversial private company to manage.

Budget Benefits Arduin’s Friends, Not Alaskans

We all have heard about the services that would lose funding under Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s budget. Less attention has gone to who would make money off of it. Donna Arduin, the state budget director from out of state, has a history of using state budgets to funnel money toward companies that she has ties with. Will history repeat itself in Arduin’s visit to Alaska?

Public Safety Officials Have Positive Report For Legislators

Frontiersman — Crime in Alaska continued its dismal upswing in 2017, state public safety officials told legislators in Juneau Feb. 5, but an encouraging new development is that fewer released offenders, for more serious crimes, are having to be returned to prison. A sharp decline in “recidivism,” or going back… Read More

After Peak, APD Says Car Thefts Are Declining

Alaska Public Media — Police officials in Anchorage say the rate of car thefts in the city has dropped dramatically after hitting a peak in 2017. According to data from the Anchorage Police Department, that year 3,122 vehicles were stolen. For a city with around 294,000 people, that is slightly more… Read More

SB 91’s Pretrial Reforms Keep Alaskans Safe

This piece was also published in the Anchorage Daily News on January 24, 2019. Since the passage of Senate Bill 91, communities across Alaska have been engaged in an important and ongoing conversation about how safety and justice can coexist. The pretrial reforms enacted in the bill led to an… Read More