Facing facts and correcting myths about Senate Bill 91

Anchorage Daily News – Passing criminal justice reform is a bit like painting a house: Sometimes, another coat or two of paint may be needed in a few spots. This is the case with Alaska and Senate Bill 91, which has been clarified during the past two legislative sessions but remains… Read More

Can Alaska learn from Norway’s ‘radically humane’ prisons?

Anchorage Daily News — At the end of September, six Alaska state officials — including the two top ranking lawmakers and the head of the Alaska Department of Corrections — spent a week touring Norway’s prisons to see if the country’s “radically humane” approach to incarceration might hold lessons for Alaska’s… Read More

Let’s not jeopardize common-sense criminal justice reforms

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner by Greg Razo — For far too long, Alaska relied on a corrections and prisoner-rehabilitation approach that was unsustainable. This was evidenced by swelling prison rolls and alarming rates of recidivism that came at significant state expense. In 2016, in an effort to mitigate these trends, The Alaska Legislature… Read More

Alaska Lawmakers Reject Justice Reform Repeal, Vote 50-1 For More Reform

June 14, 2018 House Bill 312 Gives Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Judges Necessary Tools Juneau – Today, Alaska Governor Bill Walker signed legislation sponsored by Representative Matt Claman (D-Anchorage) to improve public safety, provide safer neighborhoods for Alaska’s families, and protect the state’s medical professionals. “House Bill 312 passed by… Read More

Corrections Commissioner and Governor Discuss Pretrial Enforcement

One of Alaska’s key criminal justice reforms was the strengthening of pretrial monitoring of those arrested and charged with crimes, but who are eligible for release with or without bail. Thanks to criminal justice reform, those charged now face much stronger supervision while awaiting trial. Commissioner Dean Williams and Gov.… Read More

Public Defenders Say They Will Start Refusing Cases

Anchorage Daily News — The state lawyers who represent Alaskans too poor to pay for their own attorneys may start refusing to take on new cases because of a lack of cash, according to their boss. “Our data show that for us to do the required duties on these cases,… Read More

Phillip’s Story

SB91 is making positive change in Alaska. While making sure dangerous criminals stay behind bars, it is giving non-violent offenders treatment and job training opportunities when they are released. Without these programs, most would end up homeless or back behind bars. Phillip shares his story of success.